"Fantastic" California!

I shouldn't even be posting, I should be working... But I needed a break from all of the report card writing, assessment grading, and IEP writing. A short week sure doesn't mean a slow week! I was observed this morning by the principal (wouldn't a more accurate observation be an unscheduled one? I guess I should be careful what I wish for!). I thought it went well. When I got to his office, I found out that he thought so too, so I was pleased. I think the word he used was "fantastic", but I don't want to pat myself on the back. But maybe I can justify an extra scoop of ice cream for my "fantastic" performance..... ;)

In other news, I spent $296 signing up to take the CTEL tests in December to prove that I know how to teach English Language Learners in California. There were deaf kids long before there were ELL kids, but whatever. I guess I can just tack on that bill to my $80,000 education for a degree that allows me to teach ELL! California is SOOO special! (You may want to wipe off the dripping sarcasm from you computer screens, folks) I guess it's the price I pay to live in year-round nice weather :)

Speaking of that, I need to go vote today....


hannah said...

Tell me about it. Why do we have to pay so much money to be good people? grr

Anonymous said...

Of course you had a "fantastic" evaluation . . . you come from a family of teachers!


Proud of you ~ as always, Dad and Mom

2 bees said...

Keep the faith in the polling booth!

Anonymous said...

um. sunny weather does not equal nice weather.

but you are fantastic.


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