Kids have it easy!

Okay, okay, so I promised pictures :). I can't show the kids' faces, but I can show you some of what we did after our pizza party on Tuesday:

We made "ants on a log" (you would be surprised at how many kids are resistant to celery!)

Then, we made edible spiders--much more popular!

The kids also enjoyed making tissue paper ghosts.

After the festivities at school were over, I headed out to a high-class mall with my grandma to watch all the little trick-or-treaters go from store to store and get candy. My treat was a nice prime rib dinner!
Thankfully we didn't have a bunch of tired kids come in to school today.... instead it was just us tired teachers sitting in meetings from 8 to 3. Very draining, very overwhelming day. Good thing it's over--now I can get back to catching up on all my work!!


Anonymous said...

Good job, Princess! Hopefully you and Grandma had a great time together. Love you. Dad

2 bees said...

THAT was SCARY food (the part about the kids touching it)...Thanks for the great pictures! I love your blog!

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