A weekend in pictures

I can't believe my long awaited long weekend is almost gone! Where did it all go? Well, first off, Thursday afternoon, we made "haystacks" (which is a mixture of butterscotch chips, peanut butter, and dried chow mein noodles--it sounds gross, but it's surprisingly good!). The kids were really into it, and some of them made it a point to remind me that hay turns into cow poop later. Whaddaya know? My kids do listen to me :).

Here's a flattering picture after my aide encouraged me to mix with my fingers!

And this weekend, we FINALLY bought a bed and a couch. We're happy with both, although we cheaped out big time on the couch and bought a futon at IKEA. We just couldn't stomach paying 6 to 800 dollars for a couch we knew we wouldn't be keeping forever. The futon is comfortable enough for us, and plus, it will give overnight family visitors a place to stay ;).

I then went out and bought a nice comforter set for our new bed. What a luxury it is to sleep elevated from the floor!! Wow. I guess three months was long enough to sleep on the floor. Our apartment is definitely more homey now. It even inspired me to do some cooking and cleaning!

And today, we went out to lunch with my old friend from high school and his new wife. So it's been a very busy, productive, and fun weekend! Now it's time to go suck the fun out the last remaining hours of freedom I have before work starts up again tomorrow! Either that, or I'll go do the laundry...


Anonymous said...

Did laundry win?? Your new furniture looks nice...even a bit oriental!! Have a good week back! Love, Mom

2 bees said...

Technology is so wonderful. We felt as if you actually visited your apartment. Thank you for the pictures and being a fantastic couple.

hannah said...

That picture of you is really funny. I like the furniture! Thanks for the pics. The bed is sorta asiany; it looks really comfy. Nice choice with a red futon, it looks nice.

Bannon said...

I was just looking at your website and was wondering if you could send me your recipe for the haystacks. I am teaching a little chef cooking class and have been looking for easy recipes and yours seems like it would be great. Thanks so much. the3bannons@hotmail.com by the way we love Ikea. We always went to the one off the 5 freeway in Irvine. I miss it!

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