Sleeping beauties

It was a joyful reunion yesterday, albeit a sleepy one. Something about being in the car for 27 hours straight, only having stopped for forty minutes to "sleep" during the night.

Not long after Max came home, Sawyer (the dog I was taking care of for the week) went home with his owners. As soon as he left, Barney collapsed in an exhausted heap in Max's lap, who was himself frozen in position on the couch, fatigue overpowering his will to move. Max managed to stay awake until about 7:30 at which point we all gave up and went to sleep (aren't we such EXCITING people?!?).

This morning, after eating breakfast in front of the morning news, everyone fell asleep again. Max is snoozing under the couch pillows and Barney is in another deep slumber on top of the couch. Even all three cats are sleeping.

I can't wait until all of my sleeping beauties finally wake up for the day so we can move on to more exciting things like unpacking, cleaning, going to our favorite pizza place!


Sharlene T. said...'s never what we planned, is it?...let him wake up to candles and a great glad he's home so you can relax...

Anonymous said...

All is well, the little family is one it's time to sleep! Oh dear, hope you get to have some fun in due time! Brenda

Anonymous said...

Sleep, perchance to dream? I thought you'd be just as exhausted with pet duty!! Love you, Mom

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