As promised.... are the pictures! First, here are some of my butterflies enjoying their "house". They were a huge hit at open house!

This is the door to my room. The kids wrote their favorite memories of the year on a bubble gum shape!

This is part of my wall. Note the self portraits about the Wow board; some were good, some were hilarious :).

This is a picture of me taken this morning, as I paused by the door to showcase our butterfly house. We set them free this morning!

This is a picture of me encouraging the last butterfly to fly away free, but he just wouldn't leave. When I looked more closely, I noticed that the tip of his wing was missing (which is caused by incomplete development in the chrysalis). So... meet our new class pet. He's taken permanent residence in our butterfly house :). Of course the kids don't mind!

One last word about my butterflies. Five caterpillars came in the mail. One caterpillar died as a caterpillar; one butterfly died as it tried to emerge from its chrysalis; and one ended up with a broken wing. My colleague/friend from across the hall also has butterflies which she set free today and they fared much better. When I told her about mine, she remarked: "Aww. Yours must be special ed butterflies!!" I laughed really really hard. :)


Hannah said...

Nice pictures! It looked like a fun year..I'm sure the parents would agree!

Anonymous said... are a wonderful teacher. The kids were blessed and will remember you always.

Sabni said...
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