New day, Better day

Happy days are here again, folks! Sorrow is behind me and 5.5 weeks are ahead of me...
Today my aide was out sick so I scrambled around for some whole group activities. The day went well as my kids are getting a little better at working independently. It also helped that there was no major drama out on the playground!
I had the kids write about caterpillars today and this is some of what they came up with (I know you're all just dying to see what they wrote!).

Student 1: "The caterpillar is fat. The caterpillar is going to Mexico to meet his mom and dad. He is going to be a butterfly when he gets to Mexico. He is going to be excited."
[insert picture of a caterpillar on a boat holding a beer--yes, I meant beer]

Student 2: "The super caterpillar he flew away to the tree at summer because he want to be chrysalis."

Student 3: "The caterpillar ate leves outside at egg."

Can't wait to show all of these writing samples to parents at Open House next week.... :)


Max said...

What a coincidence, yesterday, I ate leves outside at egg.

2 bees said...

That explains the itching.

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