Birthday Bliss

It's the big 2-4!! Marked by another white hair spotting (and plucking), I turned 24 years old today. Officially in my mid-twenties... The day was spent at an all day conference about behavior intervention. Not the most fun, but I did get to go out to lunch with a colleague where I scored a free piece of cake! Yesterday, my wonderful aide threw me a mini-party with the kids where I opened student cards that praised me ("niec"-sic-"pretty" "best teacher ever" sweet) as well as some gifts from my aide. We also shared a very yummy chocolate ice cream cake. The kids and I had a ball! Did I mention I have the best aide ever?

In keeping with the ice cream theme, my present from Max is to eat all the ice cream I want today :). Usually he has to dole out my portions so I don't overdo it, but not today!!! I enjoyed a blizzard at DQ earlier this afternoon and I plan to give myself a generous serving of Rocky Road ice cream tonight! Happy Birthday to me!! Thank you to all the wonderful family and friends who called, sent cards, and sent packages. You made my day great even though I wasn't there to celebrate with everyone in person... I love you all!


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Happy birthday Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!Happy birthday Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Happy birthday Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Happy

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