Laughable moments or teachable moments?

I love my students dearly. That being said, there are times when frustration threatens to take over my patience. I have one 11 year-old student who has the language of about a three year old. The kids were doing an exercise with our Speech-Language Pathologist. She was giving them clues about a secret object and then they had to guess what the object was. Simple, right? Well, it was for most of my students. The afore-mentioned 11 year-old was having a tough time with it. Real life example:

Clue 1: "It is yellow"
Clue 2: "It is a fruit"
Said student yells: "a Sister!!"
Teacher redirects with clue #3: "You can peel it"
Said student yells: "THE WIND!!"

On a side note, I have heard this student use the word "banana" before and he frequently brings them to school as a snack. And yes, this student was really trying to guess this word. Maybe it was a fluke, you say? Here is the next real-life example:

Clue 1: "It lives in the ocean"
Clue 2: "It has sharp teeth"
Said student says: "A dinosaur!!"
Teacher redirects with clue #3: "It likes the smell of blood"
Said student yells: "I know! A baby!"

Could anyone out there please tell me what I, as an educator, am supposed to do with that???


Hannah said...

haha I have no advice for you on that one...Atleast it's funny...yet sorta sad. Good luck!!

Max said...

Have you considered euthanasia?

Anonymous said...

I have suggestions...1)quit teaching and open your own comedy club2)write material for Leno3)take mind altering drugs before you go to work4)slap the student for each incorrect answer5)pretend you are having a heart attack and go to the emergency room to receive additional therapy6)get a book deal, but try not to use other teachers stupid student answers or the book deal would be recinded7) call in sick

2 bees said...

Are you absolutely certain he hasn't been eating the frass? You might want to put a lock on the caterpillar jar.

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