Bugs, bugs, bugs

Yesterday, we ended our insect unit by watching Disney's "A Bug's Life". It was perfect; the kids loved it, and I got 95 minutes of freedom! Unfortunately, much of that freedom was spent mediating a dispute between two of my students which had occured on the playground during recess. I really hate mediating between kids; I don't feel that I'm that good at it, and it's even more difficult when one of the students' speech is unintelligible and the other student has a very low language level. I come to a final decision about who's responsible and I give a consequence. Then, I leave the situation still doubting myself. But the alternative is to spend my precious break time out on the playground, and that is out of the question :).
In other news, our mail-order caterpillars haved become chrysalises (still ugly, as you can see from the picture) .

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Max said...

How do you think it makes them feel when you call them ugly?

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