Invisible pictures

Okay so I may have lied about posting more pictures yesterday, but in my defense, I forgot the camera at school. Open House was a huge success last night. I had 6 families show up--since I only have 10 students, that's over half!!! I was so thrilled to see everybody and parents were beaming with pride as they checked out their child's best work, and especially when they saw all the great pictures up! I don't know what I would have done if my aide hadn't stayed for 2 extra hours (without pay) to help me set up! I wish I could give her a raise :).
I also had fun checking out my colleagues' classrooms, as well as meeting some of the families of the students that I'll have next year. By the end of the night (8:15), I felt so wiped out that I could hardly stand!

I have some great pictures of my room which I PROMISE I'll post tonight! For now, I'm still fighting off sickness (a losing battle), so my main focus today is to make it to 3 without collapsing....

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could have been a person at your open house. It sounds like you did a great job.

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