It was great to get back to my classroom today after two full days of boring conferences! The room is still shrouded in the butcher paper of death (for testing; see previous post), but at least I was back where I belong. The kids were glad to see me; my aide was down-right excited to see me after two different subs. Oh, and my mail-order caterpillars grew... The ones found in our playground that hatched earlier this week, however, aren't doing so great. In fact, I think they've stopped moving altogether, but I'm sure not going to say anything seeing as how I've been wrong too many times before with these caterpillars :). Tomorrow is our big Cinco de Mayo fiesta (we'll take any excuse to eat!), complete with taquitos and a Mexican hat dance. I'll make sure to include pictures!


Anonymous said...

Warning, DO NOT, eat anything touched or made by STUDENTS. No matter how much you love them!!!

Been there done that-stomach pumped

Anonymous said...

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