Teacher's ups and downs

I was hoping to have something more uplifting to write today, but it was not meant to be. The only great thing about today was how well my IEP meeting went after school. Other than that, my day started with tears, and it ended with tears.
I don't expect anyone to understand unless they've actually spent time teaching in the classroom... I was warned by my professors in college that there would be times in my career where I would have mini-breakdowns (and not to worry; breakdowns are normal, they said). I thought I knew what they were referring to when I caught myself hurling my keys against the door in total frustration (don't worry; the kids were nowhere near me), but never did I expect to be crouched under my desk trying to stop the tears and get my act together before the morning bell rang.
I'm so thankful for people at school like Mrs. K who are able to pray for me, encourage me, and get me to come back to work tomorrow! It also helps to have the best husband in the world waiting for me when I get home :)


Anonymous said...

Well...not knowing specifically how the tears were caused, I can only imagine. Teaching is such a rewardingly terrible profession. The things you have to do everyday are impossible. You are expected to be a saint EVERY minute and entertainly teach. If you make a mistake or poor decision you will have to pay, even if it was done for the benefit of the kids. Administrators will come and go, but most will have never taught a day in the classroom, or if they have taught, they will have forgotten ever having done so, and in the process lost all empathy for some strange reason. Students will love you until you make them mind or do school work and they will hold grudges forever. Parents will ride in on a white horse to bale their kid out of a jam in order to feel good about their poor parenting in every other area. God has placed you to be a light in a very dark place. Satan has been in charge of the public schools for a long time. Anytime you mess with his authority a storm will ensue, thankfully we have a God that is greater. Our God wants you to rejoice in your suffering and he wants you to keep on being a GREAT TEACHER. You are MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN EVERYONE'S LIVES YOU TOUCH!!!! I have read your blog and I know your heart. I AM SO THANKFUL YOU ARE A TEACHER AND DOING A FANTASTIC JOB...NEVER QUIT!!!!!!!

2 bees said...

Praying for you dear! A good teacher is a hero...

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